2013 Honda Odyssey

  • 2013 Honda Odyssey

    Honda Odyssey
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    • P0335-crankshaft position sensor-no pattern P0300-engine misfire detected P0301-cylinder 1 misfire detected P0303-cylinder 3 misfire detected P0304-cylinder 4 misfire detected P0305-cylinder 5 misfire detected Engine has rpm signal, but registers misfires with engine running normally, and is idling at 2500 rpm. Cleared codes-no change. Reset pcm and crank pattern learned value. Relearned crank pattern-engine runs and idles normally, no misfires registering. Test drove-ok. Inspected crank position sensor and found oil in connector and sensor. Recommend replace crank position sensor and relearn pattern.
    • Replaced crank sensor and cleared diagnostic trouble codes. Test drove vehicle.
    • Changed engine oil and filter. Checked and replenished all fluids. Checked and adjusted tire air pressure.
    Kelsy N. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/20/2023


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